Paperback Available This Week!

I am so excited as we just submitted the paper format edited version of Divorce Party to Amazon for print approval and should be available any day! Get it here -->

Don’t you wish there was a book - "Divorce for Dummies"?

Is there such a thing as an - easy divorce, cheap divorce, simple divorce, fast divorce, quick divorce?

When you think about the cost of divorce - divorce consultation, divorce lawyer cost, divorce advice ...

And is it even possible for you to find - Divorce lawyers – save money or Do it yourself divorce

It’s probably a challenge to even imagine - finding love after heartbreak . . .

Have a friend going through a divorce? Divorce Party books make are great - breakup gifts!

This book will not answer the questions above but will assist and improve your experience with all the questions above and your experience through a divorce. Through self-improvement. By improving oneself you improve all of your outcomes.

Divorce Party is your self-empowerment coach in a book. Divorce Party is for anyone divorcing, divorced, separated or have had a significant break-up. In the aftermath of the tearing apart of that relationship, there are parts of us that are lost or not as strong. This book is about identifying those key areas of your life that you want to strengthen and take action steps to empower yourself and move you forward in life.We can’t control the drama of the past. This book is about moving forward with a new canvas you get to paint. Now, what do you want to create in your life for a better future? Welcome to Divorce Party! This is by no means a fun party, but instead, the wreck left over the morning after and needs to be cleaned up. You realize you definitely contributed to exactly where you are at. Where do you even start?This book is about triaging and discovering where the most significant growth opportunities are and jumping to the chapters full of resources and tools. 8 Key areas are in everyone’s lives; Health, Finances, Relationships, Personal Growth, Environment, Spirituality, Career, and Fun & Recreation. You can jump straight to the chapters that apply or read the book in its entirety, as a self-development book and create a balanced life.Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Some come naturally, and some areas are more challenging. While going through a divorce, our own challenging areas will create the biggest problems and a good opportunity to focus on for growth and healing.This book is designed to assist you in quickly assessing the most significant challenging areas of your life, then jump you directly to the chapter needed to get you started on improving and healing those areas. Quickly begin to see that you can there is hope, and that you absolutely can take control of your life.If you have kids, they deserve the very best of you. They hurt the most. This book will give you hope, relief, and healing so that you can focus on the most important things, so that, the most important things come before the least important things. Turn that divorce pitty into a divorce Party.

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