Off to Editor - Feeling Naked/Vulnerable!

This is my first book publishing and it was just sent off to a series of professional editors. Divorce Party is just over ten years in the making. The biggest decision was waiting for the season and time to publish and when my youngest of 4 children turned 21, I became focussed on finishing and it felt now was the time.

Originally the book had a very attractive title - Divorce Triage. The title has changed but the spirit of the medical term "triage" runs throughout the book. By triaging divorce, we are assessing the distinction between life-threatening trauma to the less critical trauma. The chapters then become a troubleshooting manual that jumps you immediately into that area and is filled with resources, tools, exercises and creates action steps to start you moving forward with quick results.

Triaging is a medical technique used in the field where potentially mass trauma and casualties have occurred. Quick decisions have life or death outcomes. Some trauma not as critical has the potential to quickly compound and become life-threatening. Triaging the scene, life dependent and immediate decisions need to be made to filter specifically what to focus on first.

The book is intended for anyone going through a divorce, divorced, separated, even a breakup and the trauma that can create. The book can be used for anyone facing a life turned upside down and moving forward is happening now, regardless of how you feel.

The title changed to Divorce Party not because it is a party, but more like the aftermath of a party gone wrong, and the leftover chaos the morning after that needs to be cleaned up.

This book is about focussing on the immediate self-growth opportunity in front of you to avoid the alternative, spiraling self-inflicted pain. This book is about choosing to be self-empowered and at the cause of your life, versus choosing disempowerment by being at the effect of life happening to you. It's not what happens to you, it is what you choose to do next that matters.

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