8 Ultimate Keys

To Thriving

(After All The Guests Leave)

Author - David Youhas

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Don’t you wish there was a book - "Divorce for Dummies"?

Is there such a thing as an - easy divorce, cheap divorce, simple divorce, fast divorce, quick divorce?

When you think about the cost of divorce - divorce consultation, divorce lawyer cost, divorce advice ...

And is it even possible for you to find - Divorce lawyers – save money or Do it Yourself divorce?

It’s probably a challenge to imagine - finding love after heartbreak?

Have a friend going through a divorce? Divorce Party books make a great - breakup gifts!

This book will not answer the questions above but will assist and improve your experience with all the questions above and your experience going through a divorce. Through self-improvement. By improving oneself you improve all of your life's outcomes.


We can’t control the drama of the past. This book is about moving forward with a new canvas you get to paint. Now, what do you want to create in your life for a better future?


During this time of relationships being in chaos, this is not a fun party. If you have children, they hurt the most and it's all out of their control.

The ultimate purpose is that we choose to move forward and be the best version of ourselves possible. That involves loving ourselves first so that we can be a powerful loving resource for the ones we love.

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Turn that divorce pitty, into a divorce party!

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